Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Santa Sake Pops

Christmas began ringing. It's not just traditional holidays, dinners, church services, prayers, decorations, family gatherings, but there is something more. In fact, the very private celebrations in recent times. Great Christmas theme ideas and today's comments.

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Santa Cake Toppers

This is indeed a beautiful idea. Decorate the party with the theme of Christmas. You can rent one for the occasion Father. Santa will distribute gifts to the children. You can also ask guests clothes and hats to wear Santa Claus. A program of stories and poems recited by Santa's also organized on this festive occasion.

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Santa Cake Icing

You can also try other forms, such as a Christmas tree, it would cook a small triangular and rectangular shape for a take on the hull. You can creatively with this frosting santa cake , the Brown trunk, the Green and Red and white for the decorations. Using a pastry bag for decorating gives you more accuracy.

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