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First Birthday Cake | First Birthday Cake Ideas | First Birthday Cake Designs

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First Birthday Cake Ideas For Boys

The first birthday is a very special milestone. Most importantly, parents generally celebrate the completion of the first year with his spirit intact! If you are looking for his first birthday cake designs, so I can have some ideas for you.

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First Birthday Cake For Girls

Your baby will not remember his first birthday, but it is the treasure of photographs for many years, and will be an important part of the family photo album in the future. Therefore, a cake, much more important than the taste, look!

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Teddy Bear First Birthday Cake

Buy beg or borrow a cake in the shape of number 1. Bake the cake and top with white pudding with whipped cream. The decor in the colors of your choice. In general, pink for a girl or blue for a boy. They can write their names on the cake.I like the idea of ​​an idea for a teddy bear themed first birthday. You can buy the cake pan as a teddy bear, or you can create a cake with a round face.If smiley teddy bear that you are well decorated with sugar or marzipan past, people like you cute animals at the top of the cake. You can also use these loans done online. Round with some flowers around them, they can be delicious.

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