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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Every wedding cake should be something great place. Many people just use the flowers today, but there are many wonderful opportunities for small figures (people, animals and themes) for the high perch of your cake. Check out these fun ideas for wedding cake toppers.
The bride and groom figurines are traditional cake topper. There are so many varieties available, almost anyone can have a style, it appeals to be found. Images of vintage years 1920-1950 are particularly popular. They are the major materials such as porcelain, bakelite or sometimes wood, and may in vintage stores, online, and sometimes found in the salons of the bride. Every era has its own style. Work in the top 50 of the bride pearl bridal jewelry and the groom in a tuxedo, a necklace, the groom often 40 years in military clothing and rather cute little Kewpie doll pairs discussed above.

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Military Wedding Cake Toppers

For bride and groom toppers of today, many couples like the unusual. You can find almost all interest (for example, a bride and groom on a bicycle or holding fishing rods) to respond, and if you can not find what you want, you can order on Etsy. Cartoon Toppers made to the bride and groom are also available for special orders. Married in the style of the days of Mexico dead characters. There are bobble head, "Nightmare Before Christmas" in pairs, and even porcelain figurines classic traditionalists.

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Wedding Cake Toppers Cheap

Themed wedding Toppers are a great idea for a cake decoration. You can watch both the design of the cake and the wedding theme together. Water for a wedding, a small lighthouse on the pole top step. If the wedding theme is Winter Wonderland, choose a decorative three-dimensional snowflake. Coordinate materials for your bridal jewelry, that is a snowflake crystal, if your jewelry is an ornament of pearls or Swarovski bridal taste runs to classic pearls. If you think about it, there are many nice top, you can participate on a subject. A couple of squirrels in a wooded marriage was his favorite. Or how a mermaid for a wedding on a boat? Make sure you hit save it as a souvenir of your wedding.

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