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Pumpkin Cake | Pumpkin Cake Balls | Pumpkin Cake Pops

pumpkin cake mix muffins

Pumpkin Cake Recipe

ingredients :

2 packages. cake mix
2 boxes of prepared white frosting
Color (red, yellow and green)
A hostess Ho-Ho snack cakes or similar item-roll (optional)
Bundt pan
Cupcake Pan

pumpkin cake mix cookies

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Fill the wells of a cupcake full 2 / 3 with cake batter. Pour remaining cake batter into the Bundt pan.
Bake Bundt cake on the packaging. Keep an eye on the cookies before baking and the cake to be ready. Bundt cake to second (or use two pans and Bundt all cooking to save time). Let the cake cool completely finished.
Reserve 1 / 2 cup of white glaze and the orange color of the rest. This is accomplished by slowly adding drops of yellow and red dyes, did exactly the right shade of orange. Adding more yellow, the color is lighter, while adding more red.

pumpkin cake cookies

Pumpkin Cake Mix

Place one cake upside down on a plate and frost the top with orange icing. Place the second cake on the first, flat side down. Frost two cakes together with a movement up and down to simulate, for the lines to a pumpkin.
Place the cake upside down in the small hole on top of the pumpkin cake to the stem. The green color of the glaze cake and frost reserved for the tribe.
If desired, make a face on the pumpkin with gumdrop and jelly for the eyes and nose, black licorice whips for the mouth, candy for your teeth, etc.
Variation: Frost Hostess Ho-Ho or other desserts like cake to roll on the trunk, instead of the cupcake.

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