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baby shower frog cakes

Princess Frog Cake

Are you throwing a birthday party theme for your baby frog? Theme evenings are very popular these days, and they are often easy to remove if you do a little creativity and a little homework. As we know, little boys are made of frogs, snails and puppy dog ​​tails, this issue will be gone until your little tadpole! Choosing the right design and the frog theme party favors are a resounding success with the rest of the neighborhood.

frog cake decorations

Frog Cake Topper

Frog birthday cake most bakeries should have no problem your child a fantastic frog cake. However, if you want to make your own, there is the frog-shaped cake pans available on the Internet. The use of green and white glaze, you can decorate as you wish. Find figurines of frogs at low cost from a craft store or the dollar, and use them to decorate. To get an idea even more unique.

Frog Cake Pops

Find a bakery that frog cakes will one for each child. These are based dessert in the shape of the head of a frog, a foam base covered with cream and then dipped in chocolate green. A mouth from the top of each cake and a pair of eyes can be added using black sprinkles or toppings. Very cute! Even if you choose this option, you get a cupcake for everyone Congratulations sing again.

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