Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Fruit Cake | Christmas Fruit Cake Brandy | Christmas Fruit Cake UK

christmas fruit cakes

Christmas Fruit Cake Healthy

Who has not tasted a fruitcake? They are visible on each box in each store and each list of holiday gifts are in view. The fruitcake is needed in the hidden corner of each holiday dessert buffet and made ​​an appearance at every holiday office party. It is impossible for the holidays without giving or receiving this Christmas is based. But what makes it so popular solid cake sweet?

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Christmas Fruit Cake Chocolate

The history of fruitcake dates from the Middle Ages, when the rollers have been developed. The cooks of the Old World saved the most expensive ingredients, then baking for a special stay together. The basic ingredients are the best wheat flour, white sugar, eggs, sweet butter, dried fruits and exotic. But the variations of bread could be so richly finished marzipan (almond paste).

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Christmas Fruit Cake German

In Germany, known as Stollen fruitcake, and is credited to the city of Dresden. Stollen is a traditional form with oblong each end and a tapered back in the middle. It contains raisins, currants, rum or brandy, candied fruit and almonds. After it is painted in the oven with butter and sprinkled with sugar and stud with candied fruit again.

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