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Unique Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes are a unique baby shower and new baby gift resemble-up of disposable nappies and style to a layered cake. This diaper cake shaped towers can vary from simple wide. The cake itself can be personalized with the baby or can be done to coordinate with different baby shower themes.

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Baby Diaper Cake

The diaper cakes are usually fixed in the three layers of laminated layers together with rubber bands. It is common to remove some layers in the inner layers of the cake layers and replace other small gifts such as baby clothes, diaper rash ointment and baby bottles. After the layers are rolled and rubber banded together, and replace special gifts in various parts of the layers, the cards must be placed strategically in the layers of the cake to hold together. The anchors will shake the cake during transport and stable. To hide the rubber bands that present the layers, it is common, for which manufacturers add cake layers of tape, the color coordination of the band cover a coherent whole and the nature and clarity add to cake mainly white rash at this point.

Cloth Diaper Cakes

Additional toys and treats are often put on the outside of the cake with the theme of baby shower or to cope with the colors of the nursery was added. Often with the outer part of the cake theme or color on stuffed animals, monogrammed clothes, hats and lollipops fixed base. You are then wrapped in cellophane and tape to keep everything clean and the cake. Really the sky is the limit of what is a diaper cake made and decorated. Due to the size of the cake is often a gift that is shared between several people. If not used as a gift one can give baby shower cake layers and made the heart of the table, where you eat standing

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